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Balsamic Fig

balsamic vinegar and figs

Top portabella mushroom burgers and stir into steamed veggies like carrots, cauliflower and even brussel sprouts.

Balsamic Vidalia

balsamic vinegar and Vidalia onions

Use with pork chops, about a tbls per chop. At the end of a jar, shake in a little olive oil to make a salad dressing.

Bite the Big Apple Cider

apple, cinnamon, spices

Use as an everyday bread jelly. Also cook with pork chops and onions or use as a desert topping.

Blackberry Sage

fresh blackberries and sage

Tart, tangy, sweet and savory. Try it on meatballs with sauerkraut. Mix with your favorite spirit even.

Blue Chip

bourbon, blueberries, chipotle peppers

Rich, savory and smoky. Use with pork chops and tenderloins. Works well on the grill. Has a bit of spice, not too much heat.


hoppy IPA beer and habaƱeros

1st you get the heat, then you get the hops. Coat chicken wings, stir into soups and chilis and stir fry dishes.

Cherry Bomb

very very cherry

Top ice cream or pie. Intense cherry flavor. Makes a great breakfast jelly.

Cup O Joelapeno

dark coffee and jalapeƱos

This jelly makes nice brisket and potroast. Use it in the crockpot and make the house smell good.

Jacked Up

whiskey with peaches and pecans

Georgia peaches and Tennessee whiskey, doesn't get much better. Makes a perfect ham glaze and doubles as an icecream topping.


muscadine grapes

Has a delicate, grapey flavor. Yes, grapey is a word. Use w/ fine cheese, pancakes, in sparkling water, as a table jelly, tons of stuff.

Orange Apparition

orange and jolokia (ghost) peppers

Smoky with a good bit of heat. Use as a base for other sauces. Spoon a bit into grits or black beans. 

Orange Cranberry Pecan

a holiday favorite

Excellent on leftover turkey sandwiches. Perfectly fine as a biscut/toast jelly. Thick like a relish.

Raspberry Merlot

merlot wine and raspberries

Deglaze your pan w/ liquid, when it boils add jelly for a wonderful sauce. Try making a monte cristo w/ this jelly.

Strawberry Chardonnay

chardonnay wine and strawberries

Cover brie and bake. Then top with toasted nuts. One of our best PB&J jellies. Use as an everyday table jelly.

Sweet Tea Ginger Peach

sweet tea, ginger and peach

Use as a glaze for tuna or salmon. Stir a little into a martini and let it swirl. Try a little in Asian inspired dishes.